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Paula Byrne is gifted singing teacher. She has an amazing ability to zero in on specific aspects of my voice and explain to me exactly what I was doing, and what needed to do and to practice in order to create the sounds that I wanted. She also has the ability to clearly explain the many aspects of vocal jazz performance -- phrasing, rhythm, dynamics, etc., so that a lesson with her is not just a lesson in voice but also jazz performance. Her feedback is always kind, always specific, and always encouraging. Anyone who has the opportunity to study voice with Paula is lucky. I know I have become a much better singer because of her, and I am not alone.
-- Suzanne LaGrande, student

Paula Byrne is a wonderful voice coach. She has a direct style that hones in on ways to improve your singing voice using tools and techniques she has learned and developed over the years that have helped her grow into a seasoned sought after jazz singer. I noticed a major improvement in my singing after just the first session.
-- David Schwindt, student

Paula Byrne was my vocal coach for over a year. When I came to her, I was petrified to sing in front of other people. Through her gracious, kind, and clear guidance, I now sing well and with confidence. Paula willingly and expertly shared her extensive background in voice training with me. She was both kind and direct. She coached me in voice techniques (breathing, vowel conformation, navigation of breaks, etc.) with honest and constructive critiquing. Paula was a very devoted and generous teacher, giving me her undivided attention throughout each entire session with her. I always looked forward to my time with her, not just for how much I learned each time we met, but for how much fun I had with her. I highly recommend Paula as a vocal coach.
-- Sally Wilson-Rolle, student

Paula has this wonderful, magical way of helping me feel safe to explore my voice, while also challenging me to stretch my abilities. Voice lessons with her are not only instructive and insightful, but FUN! Her intuitive understanding of voice, music, and performance combine with her gift of teaching to make an amazing vocal coach. I highly encourage anyone interested in taking voice lessons to work with Paula.
-- Kendall Crosby, student

Paula seems to know intuitively where to place the focus in a lesson. Within a few minutes she knew that I needed to work on breathing in order to build on other techniques. It feels great to know you've made the most of your time and had fun, too.
-- Chris Trevett, student

Working with Paula opens my entire body, essence, and is a gift for what is possible. Even outside of the magic of singing, I feel deeply connected and alive after each session with Paula Byrne. Thank you for helping me connect to a deeper part of me, and open a channel I never knew was there.
-- Jennifer Alyse, student

When I started working with Paula I was literally choking off my own voice. Paula's patience, reassurance, relaxed but professional style played a crucial role in regaining my ability free up my voice and begin the process of reconnecting with my instrument.
-- Keesje Hoekstra, student

Paula's Scat Lounge workshop was so much fun, even for a person like me who is very shy about singing in front of others. It felt like a very supportive environment of people and her tips were spot on, giving us something constructive to work on. It gave me and others like me the opportunity to work outside our comfort zone so that we can grow. I truly believe that attending this workshop on a continuous basis will help me to brave other areas of my life.
-- Rachel Pobi, jazz pianist

Paula, thank you so much for the lesson. I learned so much. You are an excellent teacher because you just hone right in on what's needed and I can't tell you how helpful it was. I feel excited and more powerful as a singer.
-- Andrea Holzner, student

I had such a wonderful time last night at the Scat Salon. As a beginning vocalist, I am intimidated by the whole experience of not knowing what is going on. I love to scat and last night was more of a party than a class. I felt free to play around and get a little crazy with my voice and stumbled across some things I did not know I could do. It was a confidence builder for sure.
-- Martin Buel, student


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